Mass General Brigham Community Connects


Mass General Brigham Community Connects connect colleagues who live in the same neighborhood during this extraordinary time. Whether you would like to find colleagues to carpool to work or are looking for colleagues in your neighborhood to connect, please read on!


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Please click: "Post a New Request" for one of the following types of connections:

  1. Transportation (rides to work, carpooling)
  2. Family Connection for Dependent Care
  3. Other Neighborhood Connection

Please Read

Mass General Brigham is making this site available to employees, but it is not actively monitoring the requests and responses posted. By using this service, you assume all risk and responsibility. Mass General Brigham is not responsible for the conduct of individuals that choose to participate and receive and/or offer services through Mass General Brigham Community Connections. However, if you post inappropriate or illegal requests for services or otherwise communicate in a manner inconsistent with Mass General Brigham and our organizations standards of professionalism and civility, you may be referred to Human Resources for appropriate action.